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Tracking Small Steps of Progress for Pupils with SEN

What is iASEND?


iASEND is an innovative software system for tracking small steps of progress for pupils with SEND (special educational needs). It magnifies the small steps of progress these pupils generally make into a positive result, to record the real progress being made, for teachers, pupils and parents.


The iASEND pupil tracking system focuses on their curriculum stage and not their age. And each stage of the National Curriculum has been carefully broken down into the small steps that pupils with SEND require. At each step of any particular part of “their” curriculum, the depth of learning is recorded, providing a valuable tool for planning and targeting the next steps to be tackled.


A full suite of pupil reports, flight paths and analysis supports this SEND pupil tracking system.

The Background to iASEND

The pupil tracking system that makes progress visible for Pupils with SEND.
By Dr Sue Fisher - Co Author of iASEND

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Features and Benefits of iASEND

iASEND is for Tracking Pupils with SEN Key Features are:

  • Formative and summative assessments.

  • Tracks progress and attainment across the school from Year 1 to Key Stage 4

SEN Pupil Progress Flightpath Graph

SEN Pupil Progress Flightpath Graph

  • Contains its own curriculum of small steps for virtually all subjects

  • Provides quick and easy access to pupil assessments with clearly presented graphs and tables.

SEN Pupil Report Showing Positive Progress

SEN Pupil Report Showing Positive Progress

Simple and Easy to Use

  • Easy data entry using flood-fill options

Entering Assessments for Pupils with SEN

Entering Assessments for Pupils with SEN

  • Understand the next steps for your Pupils

  • By tracking Small Steps of Learning, it makes progress visible

  • Tracks depth of learning (retained learning) as well as ‘new’ learning

Example of Pupil Progress Report within iASEND

Example of Pupil Progress Report within iASEND

  • Provides the next steps for planning, putting the pupil the centre of the assessment

Filters, Benchmarking and iASEND Training Videos

  • Benchmark Children with similar barriers to learning and compare them with anonymised pupils from other schools

  • View data that is relevant to your class, cohort and school

  • Benchmark your school against schools with similar challenges 

School SEN Benchmarking Example

School SEN Benchmarking Example

  • Comprehensive suite of iASEND training videos.

iASEND Evidence

Supporting Parents and Guardians  with Evidence of Progress for Pupils with SEN

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  • How iASEND Evidence works for Teachers, Pupils and Parents

  • iASEND Evidence provides evidence to support assessment judgements and learning for pupils with SEND.

  • It provides a secure and simple way to capture photos, organise and share evidence with parents, carers and guardians, so they can see what has been achieved in the classroom and engage accordingly.

  • As advertising executive Fred R. Barnard once said – a picture paints a thousand words. iASEND evidence is therefore a powerful way to help demonstrate to parents and other agencies like OFSTED and Local Authorities, the real progress that these pupils make and the learning journey they are on.

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 Making Progress Visible for Pupils with SEN

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