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iTRACK Secondary Tracks from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 and 5

No matter what type of school, structure, or exam board you follow, iTRACK’s flexibility can provide a solution to suit your requirements. This allows for any subject, any component and any objectives/statements to be followed in-line with the appropriate exam board, with a range of customisable assessment options either numerically or alphabetically.

Features and benefits of iTRACK Secondary

  • Intuitive design with a user-friendly interface, including flood filling data entry options for speed of entry

  • Dashboard to provide all your key data analysis in one easy place and show which cohorts are on track

  • Set targets, filter by key attributes, groups, classes and add pupil comments

  • Manage and record assessments for pupils with SEND who may be working below age related expectations

  • Clear and colourful progress page showing which pupils have made ‘weak, below, expected, good or very good’ progress

Secondary School Pupil Tracking by iTRACK 

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